Dobby CAD ® has been widely distributed as initial software in educational institutions on all continents but for reasons of the Garduña / Gardunia Factor and the attacks received (mainly from Catalonia, Spain and Lombardy, Italy) we cannot list those centers.

It should also be noted that this developmental work not only has not received any type of recognition from the centenary industry that has not stopped its textile production during the years that the change in the "super" management system has lasted (2003–2004), but that they have never paid for the software licenses used for programming (more than 13,000 euros).

Evidently, all these costs have been fully borne by the main managers of the Dobby CAD project in Spain and Italy. They have been waiting for long 20 years.

Furthermore, we can see a hard link with the corrupts and stalkers members into university (UPC) and a Catalan textile company in Barcelona, Spain (Informática Textil: Penolope).  

This is a classic example of typical behavior of thieves, swindlers, bastards, exploiters and disrespectful of the job / academic world, although they are located in capitals of the supposed European "high culture" and socially they present themselves on social networks as a super industrial / company; high tech and quality manufacturing; human and religious rights; empathetic, joyful and a very long etcetera (no comment).

In short, not only the value of the word given is non-existent in the direction of those centuries-old alpine industries, but also all the sacrifices made by some of its internal technical employees are punished, humiliated and outraged. Computer technicians who seek to intelligently save the productive continuity, at the desperate request of their director, in moments of high productive and economic risk, such as the change of an industrial and business management system. A system that affects thousands of employees, scattered throughout Europe. That is to say, this is the umpteenth project in new technologies subsidized from Brussels but which is under the supervision of ignorant and incompetent people, who yesterday, today, and tomorrow will continue to make up the corrupt network of factor G.

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